Words escape me
They flow from my mouth like a flood breaking its dam
Sometimes carrying the power to heal
And sometimes carrying the acid to harm
I promise the foundation of which I speak is good
My intentions are pure
Even when my words leave scars unhealed by ‘I’m sorry’
Sometimes my mouth moves before my brain thinks
And sometimes my brain takes too long
I know which ever word leaves my mouth can build someone up
Or tear them down
It is not my place to cause harm
It is not what I wish on others
So why do others wish this on me
Words are just words but they cut like daggers into my mind
I am a soul having a human experience
I am sorry if I am not learning fast enough
In a world run by violence why do we wreak havoc in the mind
Our mind is our sanctuary
It is a place unseen by others
So why is it so heavily influenced by the words that flee from our mouths
I do not understand why we cannot speak peace
We are fighting a war with our words
And I do not understand
Why are our minds are fighting on the front lines
While words fly from our mouths without thought
We should not be sitting idly in the background
Watching from the shadows
When we should be standing up for ourselves and each other
With so many words we forget to live
And a life is not a life unless it is lived and it is our job to live it

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