A very definite meaning
Formed in rows and columns
With a meaning that contributes to the line

Yet, a word has not just one meaning
It would be a paradox to say words only have one meaning
They are at the speed of light in our heads but what about our hearts

Why don't we slow down
And see that they are not just strokes on a page
No they are not just on your essays that you will send receive
Or your will for your final days

Words are a multiplex of not just strokes but meaning
This poem is about words?

No it's about how we look at them, how we perceive them to read
But not individually looking at each one

Words are neglected
Found as if they were just another piece of paper
We find they are just in our books so we read them

What if I said the secrets of life are in words?
Then all would run to look at each word
This is why our society has found it to neglecting words

Rambunctious, perpetual, coercive, etc.
Words that start humor amongst a crowd when used, as if it was a joke

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