The size of the words is small,
but the meanings far surpass.
The meanings are above all.
Not meant to shatter as glass.
Words represent the deepest emotions,
that no one person can describe.
The font is plain,
masking the influence of what is said.
The importance of the words from your brain.
Never letting your words get ahead.
Never allowed to be sensed as real.
To be masked in the shadows of yourself.
The spaces are slight,
never letting the magnitude being written.
The words that are hastily scrawled in spite.
The phrases of the people smitten.
Feelings of the ones never heard.
Words never are written in fear of being found
The color stark,
knowing that the words do not want attention.
The realness hiding in the dark.
Not ever wanting a mention.
Trying to shield the truth.
The truth of the meaning behind the words.

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