By Jayke   

Words  can not describe how I feel for a woman like this... pure and decadent like the fresh morning dew. A tapestry of colors only becoming now of hue.

I will to wish and entrust to be, the world will soon color that which I feel.

I place this heavy bag at your alter and pray to stop the rain, while all people suffer you brighten my day.
I question the joy and the meaning, your life in mingling.

I see your smile and it halts me.

I can't help but to choke on my tongue as I pretend it means nothing, I trust in nothing and still expect it as something. What sense does it make that we've traveled and ended up here just as nothing?

Your face, the sun upon my everlasting night does project, life in light and a purpose to pursue.

I hope that one day I can mean such to you.. but sadly, I still stand head on hands, I'm just In love with you..

What words will not do , I will announce to you, to the masses and their friends, their families will value, that my heart is to you, and I am flat and unworthy, my love knows no bounds because it is you that
 I am searching.

I apologize for these moments I have thought anything else was not us. For now I see that what I long for is you.

Some how, you nameless wonder I wish not to deminish, I have felt so much for and never felt it's meaning.. here now I stand, feeling all of what is life. I can not imaging a second without feeling...a moment without believing what I feel for you is something no one else has ever had.... and therefore, is something with which to kiss you, hereby consumates my pact to you. That I will never again stray far from your path. That I will lead us both, with your help, to our light.

Let us be, a moment in light, having experienced the dark and create our happiness as we both deserve

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Love, conquering and being. Yourself is the master of your surroundings.