Your words feel like a sharp knife in my side,
my body falls down I sob and I cry,
whilst you stand there spitting sulphuric venom,
That seeps through my skin and burns my heart broken.

Your words feel like fragments of glass in my mind,
The more you speak of them, the less I understand,
Why you are so full of deep pain, anger and love,
And whatever I do, it is never enough.

Your words flow through me like blood in the vein,
As warm as the sun, but as cold like the rain,
flowing with life and self- righteous emotion,
But tormented by words that are left unspoken.
Your words are like a deep blow to my eyes,
Iam trying to hide, though Iam running blind,
For you are my most beautiful creation,
I would lay down my life for you in less than an
Your words they cut deep bearing into my soul,
There is nowhere to turn, no place I can go,
For no matter how much you hurt me I can never deny,
That my body grew you and gave you this life.

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