But that's the thing
Words get twisted in school
In our heads
When they leave our mouths, tongues twist words into new phrases until we don't recognize ourselves anymore
But when you look in the mirror and decide the rumors are true, the gossip is real, and control is not yours, you submit yourself to complete vulnerability and you life is no longer in your hands, but someone else's
Someone who doesn't know how to caress your brain and still your beating heart
You have given yourself up to someone who has given up on giving
You have let yourself be controlled by bathroom stalls, and vandalized lockers in empty halls
You have locked yourself into a room of self-hatred and thrown away the key
You have put yourself in a position where someone else chooses who you get to be
You can't let anyone else have control of how you live your life, because they're not the ones who pick up the knife
They're not the ones who throw in the towel and live in fear
So why do they decide if you get to be here?

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