Words Behind the Words

Words behind the words
Samsara and nirvana
Polarities but the same
No difference
The mundane and the spiritual

Mortality and immortality
Meet in the sun
And the moon
Our destiny is eternity

The eastern lotus and
The western rose
The material manifests
The spiritual

Words behind the words
The light of the sun and moon
Reflect in the tides
And in their black queen

The world is an
Ever-burning fire
As is life
As are we
Life comes out of death

Words behind the words
Life gives hearts deepen
An evocation
Of poetry

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This Poems Story

This poem signifies that there are meanings, images, symbols behind the printed words on the page. These words may be simple or multisyllabic and may resound or reverberate spirituality, philosophy, or mythology. I thank Dr. John L. Bolling and Dr. Joseph Campbell for their inspirational teachings.