Words Do Speak

Driven are we, as human beings
But we go through life without hearing or seeing.
We tend to think and care mainly for ourselves,
But true happiness comes when we give to someone else.
Resilient and vile is this plague that sweeps the planet,
a curse called Depression.. Does anyone understand it?
A feeling like holding on to something that was never truly there,
it leaves you on your knees crying and pulling out your hair.
A silent prayer is answered maybe once.. maybe twice...
But what of the others who scream in pain and want to sacrifice
everything they have, because life can be so cruel,
where the poor learn to suffer, while the rich continue to rule?
I see the way they look at me, like dirt beneath their feet,
my anxiety is the sun, and I'm dying from the heat...
My legs start to shake and my hands start to tremble,
people talk to me now as if I'm a devil...
Everything I do is wrong, my words are pure sin,
My mistakes seem to repeat themselves again and again..
I cry out for guidance, but an answer is not found,
my emotions turn to quicksand.. and rest beneath the ground...
Help me, save me, give me shelter from this strife,
I yearn, plead, beg, and dream for a far more peaceful life..
Oblivion fills the cavernous void within my mind,
yet still I smile, laugh, and pretend that everything's fine..
Be happy, don't worry, this is only just a phase,
what you don't understand is, this isn't just four days!
This is months and years of pain and aggression,
It blinds my heart like a crazy obsession..
Listen to me please, freedom from these chains I seek,
I'm not good with words... but my words do speak.

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