Words flow through me

Words flow through me
I bring them to the

Like a tireless wave
Drowning over the earth
I bring to you

Whispers from the old soul
I bring you doubt
Dumbbells rung ding

I bring you truth
Trust with in your heart
I bring to you hopes

I break it down..
Shallow little clowns
I pull you closer

To the rising of the rainbows
I watch. As the color' fades
I bring to you flames

I watch as your blood trickles
I watch as your head drop's

Hands over your head
The fountains of tears
Are in my ears

I watch as you waste away
I place the sun upon your

Face ..
I listen and wait for
A twisted tongue to ask

I watch as you return again and again
I listen to see if you learn
Perhaps some will never
For they shall only burn......

I'm like a riddle
A place in the middle
Open me up

Like a forgotten book
I'm a door
That's been closed

Beneath your soul
I'm your light
Did you even knowledge

You had a glow..
Can you comprehend
Perhaps listen again..

To the old soul..
And reap and learn
For what you sow....
.until we meet again

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Its like two spirits fighting over people one tells the other like dreams in a mists lost trapped inside between