O mighty man! Busy in your comforts,
Ever glanced into a farmer's efforts?
He is the one, who toils for the day,
but pretending more tired, you just lay!
O mighty man! Desperate for your desire
Ever wondered how slummy respire?
They're the one, who manage with crook,
but ignoring them often, you just shook!
O mighty man! Spellbound by inventions,
No wonders, millions still dream of mansions.
Their sobbing silence dwell in leaking huts,
Your furnished rooms still dwell in 'ifs' and 'buts'!!
O mighty man! Tense for your job,
Ever bothered why poors sob?
Cautious about the right, they're ever ready to fight,
You're unique, who feels shy to appear in limelight!!
O mighty man! Preferring your dialect,
Ever observed how foreigners interact?
Busy they are, far from their lives
You're still hen-pecked, bothering about wives!!
O mighty man! Bound in reality
Thy mortality, is beyond those disparity.
I gave the former a 'spin'
Cos these are the "WORDS FROM WITHIN"!!!

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