Words I Could Never Say

You have always had a heartbeat,
You've always had a pulse,
But somehow for most of my life,
All ive seen is your ghost.

It's hard to go days on end worrying,
I constantly question why he doesn't call, why won't he reply?
Are you hungry, are you cold, are you even still alive?
Does he even realize that time is flying by?

You have the choice to see me, to not waste another day,
We still have a chance to make up for lost time,
That somehow flew away.

I say flew away like a bluebird snatched up our memories,
But in fact it was demons who stole the years.
They took you for a fast ride you couldn't turn down,
Thanks to them,
Ive know since i was four what it meant to cry real tears.

Countless nights I've layed awake,
Asked God to give you back to me,
After what seemed like thousands of days you were finally free,
But no amount of hope could ever make you stay,

I've will forever cherish the memories that we have made,
I could never love you more dad than I do today,
You see nobody is perfect and I'll never give up on you,
All I can hope is someday you will finally see the truth.

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