Words Like Falling Rain (Fixed2)

Step into my presence.
Pleasure is of the essence.
Unwrapping you softly, savouring everything.
Allow me to discover you, piece by piece.
In such a silence, can I hear you breathe?
Hunny, you've got no idea what you're doing to me.

My eyes, they wreck bit to bit ...
Trying to remain calm ...
Afraid to be wrong.
Looking away, they flee ...
Hunny, you've got no idea what you're doing to me.

Running on and on in my mind,
You've got my tongue in a simple bind.
Teasing all of your sensory nerves ...
Allow me to show you your worth ...
Because this is a way I wish to go about ...
Showing you what I've become passionate about.

Will this be heaven?
Or will this be hell?
Here's to the secrets, let them fall from the shelf.
The truth will surely speak for itself.
Because honestly, I cannot remain bottled up.
Because hunny, I cannot get enough.

Revive me, only if for a moment ...
Even if all the others would not condone it.
You live in tomorrow, I live in the pain ...
But within the hour, let's live in the same.
All of these thoughts, I am ashamed.
Perhaps, it is the fear to be blamed.
I'm far so insecure, it only gets worse ...
But this is an uncomfortability that I've never liked more.

How about we put our lives on hold,
Welcome the attraction and let it unfold?
Because I don't give a damn if it kills or makes me weak.
Hunny, you've got no idea what you're doing to me.

NOTE: Song Used - Yoe Mase - Lonely
Third time's a charm ... Fuckin autocorrect

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