Words of freedom!

They never, did wrong! Yet, they, were killed, in, a storm! The lies, told after, were disgusting, at best! Let, freedom ring, was, the motto, to test! They, raped them, beat them, and, hung them, for nothing! So why,do you, expect us, to salute, you, our most, wanted! They grew, a flag, to show, pride, for their evil! They, could never, compare, to, our greatest, songs, of freedom! None, of them, could ever, be, my role models! God, is kind, and that's, who, I follow! They, to this, day, hide, behind lies, and terror! There president, is, a coward, that influenced, with money! Their cops, kill, my brothers, I don't, think, it's, very funny! They scream, we've done, good, you, should love, us, forever! Yet, their liers, and cowards! They just, are happy, their clever! Forgive, and forget, is what, they tell, us, to do! I, will never, forget, what, my grandmother, went through! I have, a vision, when they, lose, in, the end! Mothers, will find, children, and love, shall reign, again! For, their sins, they, are cursed, now and forever! I, can't offer, you water, in heaven, we believe, better!
By©Devon Bates2017

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