Words of Honesty

I poured my heart out to you.
In hope that i would hear a different response.
I poured my heart out pleading for a release of pain.
I begged for understanding instead got, what did you expect.
I didn't expect i only wanted you to listen.
I pleaded with myself to figure out what my heart wanted.
I spoke to God and ask for guidance.
Now I wait unsure of anything.
Unsure of the next moment, the next hour, unsure of life.
I continue to keep going with no direction.
Not that I want to but, because i have to.
I ask my heart and my mind to guide me.
I put my faith in something bigger than myself, and leave my burdens.
Even tho they weigh heavy on my heart.
May peace find me, may life find its way back to a balance.
I am but one of many, but in times as these I feel as only one.

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