Words of Life

These are just words.
Twisted into meaning.
You're given the responsibility to interpret them correctly
If you fail, disappointment settles in your path.
What does it mean to listen to the words spoken from lips?
Lips that have not proven true,
Tongues that have spit out lies.
Words make promises
They make sweet melodies of happiness
They make joy seem reachable
Like something you can spin in the palm of your hand.
The biggest trap, the most cunning obstacle.
Words are the secret every being owns.
It's our biggest weapon, ammo is never scarce.
Life is just war, filled with apprehensive soldiers
Thrown into battle
To each his own.
We handle things differently, words are key element
To live in a world of uncertainty, of angst.
Trust has been destroyed
To the point where it's so-called-meaning is somewhat close
To an illusion
Words have broken down that barrier of trust
Abolished it until it no longer existed.
We are human beings, but the lies have swallowed us whole.
You must be truthful to yourself in order to be truthful to others
Look within and find yourself for who you truly are
than reflect that onto others
So society can recreate into a life of honesty.

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