Words of Life

Words are nothing,
Unless I make them something.
Words speak love or hate,
Bring people together or isolate.
Words hold the power,
To help people stand or cause them to cower.
Words force some into a hole of depression,
And leave them alone in this cruel condition.
Too many works of words
Speak death, hopelessness, and darkness.
They rip hearts to shreds,
Give nightmares in beds.
Where are the words of life and hope?
Who will write words of truth?
Who will bring life and hope to the youth?
I could write these words.
The words started coming to me,
They poured from my heart onto the page freely.
I can write these words.
My poems have become more numerous,
As I seek to write words that are luminous.
I will write these words.
Have I been called to spark
The imaginations of those in the dark?
I accept the challenge to be a light to those hurting;
I will be the one who writes hope for those yearning.

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