Words of Truth

My heart tells of truth from the beginning.
Just gaze into my eyes and you will see my heart is
true blue. You want to believe that I am telling you
the truth, but I see your eyes are cutting to the
chase of what you really feel.
Do not let your heart turn cold, for the warmth of my
smile will keep you at peace with what I say to be true
and honest. I have never lied to you on any matter of
our true feelings we have between us.
Let the warmth of my heart take you to a far away
journey, to where we can continue our lives as one love
that we made years ago, when we first said "I do" and
just let that moment of happiness take us into each
others hearts, where our true feelings once began when
we first met. The words of truth have finally convinced
you that my heart was true blue from the beginning.
I have heard you praying that we would never change
our minds on how we feel for each other.
My eyes close and I dream of us building our life
stronger by the roots, that can never be uprooted by
any stranger. I awoke with your smile looking over at
me with content at last.
We made it for the past 50 years and we continue to
go stronger, as we strengthen our love more each day
with a chance to show we can become stronger in our
trust for each other since the beginning of time.

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