Words On Paper

Write down your words on the paper,
Let out your emotions and feelings.
Express whatever thoughts you have,
Let others know what's on your mind.
Don't hold onto what your thinking,
Holding it in never helps your cause.
Let your mental connection with the paper be in sync,
Let the pen flow with smoothness as the thoughts hit the paper.
Let your mind be free of all the clutter,
Put it out in the open, someone may be able to relate.
The words on the paper can be your escape,
Let your self-expression be your own sanctuary.
The letters gliding across the paper manage to come together,
Forming into words, then sentences, then poetic expression.
These words can be inspiring, motivating, it can be anything,
Let your experiences in life be of guidance and help others.
Words on paper means that writing is a talent and gift,
And you're not afraid to express and show who you are.
Be the writer and poet that you're truly capable of,
Never forget that our talents and gifts should be shared with the world.


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