Words To My Father

They say a boy needs a father, but so does a girl
Someone to teach her her values and how to conquer the world
See, my mother taught me everything you couldn't
Sacrificed everything for me, even things she couldn't get back.
Because you wouldn't.
And I guess you were to busy to help us out financially
Busy with someone else's family,living your life happily
But what gets me is, you actually have the audacity
To ask how things were going, oh so casually
I hate to see my mother struggle, just as much as I hate to see her cry.
So I prayed for a day that we'll never have to rely
Because without you, I knew we would get by
So I acted as if I didn't care every time we'd stop by
She's a better parent than you ever could be
She's the only one who actually took care of me
And even when she's gone, she'll be there internally, that's a guarantee
But you know what?
I'm sorry
How could I dare compare
You were barely ever there
How could I expect you to ever have been aware
But I've learned to get over all that gradually, and actually
I want to thank you
For showing me the parent not to be
So I'll try to leave the past in the past with hope it will get me farther
Because on my own, I've gotten a little smarter.
Learned to speak my mind and voice my opinion,
Words to my father.

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