Words to the gifted

There are two roads ahead I chose the left one because it looks nice in my head
No one ever tells you which one's right or not
You are an adult now so they expect you to be smart

The trail is dark and there are other roads attached
But I stay on the path because I am too scared to look back
There are people ahead telling me to turn back,
People I knew, who were my friends in the past
But I tell them “no I'm sure this is the right way!”
They just laugh at my face and nod okay
I start to get tired and I want to go back, but my mom always told me to never stop
But I think in my head it's hard, there is no way, I don't have the tool needed to be brave
I was smart and I use to make good grade but now I'm in college and everything has changed
This path starts to scare me because I realize I'm alone, the friends I thought I had have all gone home
It's just me and my thought and that's the worst company
Because it makes you believe that just a somebody
But somebody's do not go far, but somebody's have cars
guess you are just a nobody after all

As I walk through the road I remember my past
I think I should have turned right maybe I took the wrong path
I think of my mom’s divorce and how I'll never last because love is a much lonelier path
I think of all my friends who say the path is great yet they are still walking, it's too early to relate
These so-called friends say it's so great but left no signs of tracks,
No hints or clues to help me get through, I think of the times when life was cool
When the path had some light and there were flowers around
When people adored me because of the path I went down
But know I've hit the shallow spot where I wish my thought would just stop

In times likes this I often pray, I wished I prayed more often that things would be okay
I say “Lord what if I were smart I would have thought to bring a car
Or what if I were brave the road would have been better by far
What if, what if, is this my gift, the gift to say what if
But in time he replies I gave only you the gifts to survive this path
It does not require math
But it requires skills only you have
Just have faith you will make it out alive
For only you have the drive
So follow the path for the gifts I gave you are all you need to survive

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