Words To Your Heart

Call me crazy, but do you
Think I'm beyond insane telling you
About a person that brings nothing to my life but pain?

Why must I entertain this guy?
When we both have doubts about us,
Let alone my insecure---
Ities, it ties together like you and me
But I must admit that it is not as simple as 1 plus 2 equals 3---
Words, though the middle wasn't 'hate'
Just give me a minute,
I'll give you something you can relate---
To, but what I want to express
Is how can you say love but don't mean it?
You sometimes but not all the time give me a reason believe it.

For I've given you a reason to be drawn into me,
And I'm simultaneously asking
What have you given me?
Nothing but some random thoughts that won't go away
Feelings that make me pray this love affair won't go astray
I just wanted you to know how I truly felt.
Yet still in question how I dealt-
With your craziness but it's all in love now,
It's just enough to say
I don't even care to know how.

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