Words unsaid

A lost past, chase of the future.
Young hearts but pure souls.
Soft touch and loving eyes...
I frozed, to scared till the flight...
Only light in the darkness,
An eternity of love, Fearless.
Always and forever till death do us apart.
A little spark to that dead heart
Life, a stormy hail but its you who keeps me sane

But fate had its different ways.
Under the moonlight as I lay
All the stars, but haven't got a clue
maybe if you could see them too.
A fractured heart behind that smile,
I would run if I could hide
My heart still at your door I was well.... all alone
Silently I break and cry, the past is the reason why
Breathe me If I stay... Shatter the pieces as I lay
People changed, pages turned
New chapters but love was earned
Towers of memories turned to dust
How can I fly? When its all undone
Words unspoken. Gave up, everything was taken.
As vibrant as Red, as radiant as Hell
I left with Words Unsaid...

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