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City of South Central
Killing and stealing is all I see
Drugs being the necessity
Walking deadly lanes called streets
Guns, knives and bad attitudes towards each other like animals
Just to see blood on pavements, bullet shells and sad faces
Red, blue, purple, green and yellow
Death over colors and territory

Blacks against Blacks, Mexicans against Mexicans
Saying, where you from homie?
Replying with: I don't bang, Boom!
Truth is for scene as lies, yet my homies die over dislike

I am a rebel to this jungle, why can't we live in peace?
Sunlight, air to breathe
Having goals, having dreams, and running to success
Being educational keys to society
Enlightened minds of others
Having high faith in God
Low selfish pride
New directions to follow, becoming influential, and having motivation
Obtaining a heartbeat
I am a human with one life to live,
Stop trying to kill me!

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