Words Without Emotion

I let you read my soul like an open book and you threw it away. I told you my deepest secrets but you don't even listen to what I say. You ruined me, and now I'm here. I've cut off the rest of the atmosphere. We all make mistakes, it wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last. I should have known I shouldn't have asked. I wish we could just let the past be passed. Because the opportunities run vast. God when I'm alone I think so deeply. Why didn't you keep me!? I wanna do everything that can be done, I want to set records and make a legacy for myself. I can do so many things I feel so smart, when you're working night shift I'll be dusting trophies off my shelf. Never tell me what I can't do. Because when I do it I'll make sure it's known to you. I wanna explore, adventure, live. I don't need money all I want is stories to give. I get inspired all the time by the music I hear. Never be put down just by your fear. There's still hope, it can still be done. I'm going into this game of life like I've already won.

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