Work, Don’t Hate. Don’t Hit

My success is not your success
Cane and Abel are not Sarah's
My potentials are not yours
The blessings are not Esau's
Why stay envious, when your jars are not empty?
Hateful, do not stay, when work, you have to do
A failure, why think you are,
When the water's still in the coconut?
A loser, why declare yourself,
When the orange is still watery?
Yes, there are heroes
But rescuing yourself, only you can do
Time is but the anti-static earth
And the earth waits for no one
And the earth, stop, no one can
Scratching is futile
But mother hen has to protect her eggs
The time for scratching,
She ought to use in keeping warm, her eggs
The time for murdering fellows in your heart,
You ought to use in building a heart-bound castle
A castle of hard work which surmounts the intruding weeds
A castle of determination which stretches to pluck the fruits
A castle of self-esteem which expands without contracting
A castle of love which upholds the roots of the unfruitful tree
A castle of change which freezes without thawing
Stop feeling inferior, you have a lot in you
Stop hating the likes of me, we can help you
The mind is layered
Success is in strata
Use the complex mind
In getting the complex feat

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