Hiding in a hole
Feeling lost and alone
He only has one goal
To survive, hiding from all the drones
His family is dead
Left in a puddle of red
Nothing more he could do
Except in him a hate that brew

Fast forward ten years
Still wiping all the tears
But they never go away
And all he has is a heart that says
How could god leave him all alone?

Now go to the other side of the world
Sitting in a seat of the one that burned another world
Is a man with a family
Unaware of his brutality
To protect his country
He doesn’t know
He does what he’s told
He just focuses on tomorrow
Knowing that he will not fold

The world is a terrible place
And all we can do is brace.
With sulfur and mustard
Our vision has been blurred
But hate will not save it
Cause the fuse has already been lit

Does god exist?
Or does God exist?
In a world as chaotic as this
Does god exist in our minds for the purpose of bliss?
To explain something that we cannot explain ourselves.
Create a book that we put on the shelves
To explain for all the horrors of humanity
As bloody as they can be.

We ignore
Hoping that the corps
Will help the poor
Help them escape from all the war.
But all that’s left is a scar
Too remind us
That we cannot fuss
It’s pointless
We’re gonna die anyway
Nothing for you to pray
You must find your own way
In a world that doesn’t want to help you anyway.

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