World Crumbling Who Will See

One day I fell to sleep with much on my mind
Not an impossible problem or even one defined

I lay in bed for quiet a long time and slowly drifted
Seeing my soul walk away and then up high was lifted

In my dream I found a stone which had carved letter
I knew I'd find more, tossed it then looked for one better

It was from a place which I'd never seen nor been
But a familiar place it seemed nonetheless in the end

Walking through beauty of a magnitude so great
If I could explain I certainly wouldn't hesitate

My memory goes to it as often as allowed
But only if my thoughts are hanging on a cloud

Hoping for peace to overcome me fast
Comfort filled my worry at long last

Fears are wiped away with such an ease
Praying for more with a thank you please

Suddenly I wake with a pounding at my door
Wrong house they say. I'm left angry to my core

If ever this dream comes, then truly I am blessed
Patiently I pray to dream it again, until then unrest

I found myself in this dream once more,
But soon it changed unlike anything before

This was still a place of beauty but was now dying
I woke in such upset couldn't fathom to be just lying

I see this dream now more than rarely
Fixing this place I support but change it barely

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This Poems Story

This struly is the life I see ahead and beyond for our ways.