World of Books

As a small boy he wanted to learn

The ways and terms of the baffling world;

And thus he read a plethora of books

To get an idea of what it looks.

Through the pages and words he read,

With thoughts of authors his dreams were fed -

A world of dragons, castles and knights;

Of elves, fairies, and many other delights.

With plenty more pages turned,

An idea in his brain wormed.

In mirth he decided to embark on a journey -

To embrace a world nothing short of ecstasy.

But oh! he realized he would need money,

And search for a grown up who would accompany.

He could not cover the world on foot,

The size of his expedition he clearly mistook.

Probably dragons weren't quite affable,

Or elves weren't cute and dainty; rather laughable.

After all, he was but a little boy,

Who knows, the world might be a decoy.

He picked up a book and plunged into its words -

And immersed himself in different worlds.

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