world of colors

“World of colors”

The sky is calm, you're walking through a forest ,
as you emerge there comes forth a stream as clear as glass,
and a sky as warm and fuzzy as a blanket in winter.
The snow is glimmering as a mirror does the sun ,
and the trees as bare as the wind is dry.
The sun as warm as the heart does beat,
and the wind as calm as the air is sweet,
yet as the sky turns slowly dark ,
the stars doth shine as bright as that of the eyes of one.
The world now dark as those who sleeped,
while we reaped on as wind carries the radiant snow across the wind with a hurried glow.
As of now all sleep but the eyes of one still reaped the sight of it makes a shiver,
it’s as dark as the night,
yet has no sight this is how the owl looks,
and yet the eyes of it can’t quite touch the color of the wind,
or the light in the sky ,
no more the colors say even though we still wish to see them,
as the colored seasons go by.

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