World of thoughts

Thinking small allows darkness to fall upon you within defeat.
Your thoughts are what allow you to move further than your dreams.
It only takes a small positive thought to allow you to stand strong.

Give yourself a chance to seek victory and shine brighter than most.
Let your thoughts carry your hopes and dreams.
Then you can show others how their world can change if they

A mind set is a path which guilds our every move.
It is a world within that we can win or lose.
The battle is hard, when you chase your thoughts.
No move seems to be right, when lost the path you walk.

Don't lose to yourself, don't be defeated by empty thoughts.
Win the battle and take control of it all.
It is not what you think, or thoughts you have that will bring you
The way you think, whether it is positive or negative that will
determine how your life goes, up or down.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem from the actions of the three most important people in my life, my mother, grandmother, and God. They are the power and love behind every word in my poetry and novels that I write. This poem is about what all three of them push into my soul everyday. I am honored and proud to share what they have given me all my life.