World On The Outside

looking out What do you see?
A woman who is courageous enough to be free
Free enough to let go of all of her problems in the past
But not free enough to let go every once in a while and laugh
This woman may become the first woman president one day
When she looks in the mirror she sees sunshine and she is the ray
She wants to give the world her all more to the society
But she can not possibly think of enough variety
She doesn't know the answers to alot but more than willing to find
this girl i know is one of a kind
She speaks from the mind
this woman is determined to succeed at all cost
not letting the pain get to her for her lost
when i look at her, all i see is a change
A change that she is going to bring into everyone's lives
no matter how hard she strives
or no matter how hard she tries
she manages to always get through it an completely survives
She is an intellectual soul
she is an everlasting love
she has her dream all wrapped up in a toilet paper roll
as the toilet paper unroll her dreams unravel
even though her back is as heavy as two humps on a camel
this is how she is viewed by average joe's everyday
this is how she knows herself
this is the most retrospective way to view me as a woman
but today, i see myself as the same; but much stronger in a way

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