World Problems

The world as we would like to know it is not real,
It's unfair but that is the hand the world has dealt.
If not for the good we hope for,
Then we would need to close our mental door.
Everyday you go outside wondering "Will we be okay?"
Then we think the next day "Today could be a new day."
In the world we want
We would not be so daunt.
The birth of killing was one unneeded,
The fear we have will always be succeeded.
The wars we wage,
Maybe define our mental age.
Do we need to kill in order to agree?
Why do we cost ourselves such a high fee?
Every bullet, every life.
Is someone else's child or wife.
When I see our world,
I see a world that will one day grow so cold.
Do we need this killing,
or do we want this killing.
When you look on the news,
What do you see?
We all lose.

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