Worst Enemy

At times I feel like my own worst enemy,
Knocking myself down when I don't get things right.
Feeling like I have to be perfect and succeed at everything I do,
When I fail I feel like such a fool.
I'm my own worst enemy,
Never feeling like I hold any value to anyone.
Why do I have to be the best and succeed at everything I do?
Because I know how it feels to go unnoticed,unloved, and unimportant.
My own worst enemy is what I am cursed with the compulsion to work until I fall.
Does it make a difference? Will I succeed at all?
My own worst enemy,
Pushing myself until I become sick, Why I ask myself.
Then I remembered what it felt like to go unnoticed,unrecognized for the great things I do.
My own worst enemy,
That's what I am

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This Poems Story

My poem is about all the times I worked so hard to be something or someone amazing and haven't been noticed or appreciated so I mentally beat myself up and begin to believe I really am not anything special.