Worthless World

Defeat lies behind my bulging eyes
Tears held hostage by the smize
I look up to those who have come before me
Their journey seemed so easy
The façade so deceiving
Glitter posing as gold, the sight is quite pleasing
If starting from the bottom means selling your soul
What comes of those whose soul never grows
Passion sinks deep but never comes up for air
My heart folds in growing despair
Who can I lean on?
What more can I say?
Hopeless desperation fills my mind day to day
Which way is right?
Whose to say what's wrong?
Left is always wrong but right just takes too long
The inevitable truth is that there is only one you
Make your life anew
Cross the river of Jordan
Walk the path according
To the righteousness of Christ
Ridicule, Persecution
Temptation, Frustration
He's been a victim of it all
My life is worth more because He paid it all

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