You ever feel like nobody cares
The ones close kick you down the stairs
Hold your head beneath the sand
There is only water when clearly there is land
Sinking in the quick sand they poor
You ask them to stop yet the keep pouring more
Pushing you further and further to the floor
You feel alone
Family they try to advice
But your giving nature is your demise
A door matt is how you are seen
They wipe shit on your face you can’t keep it clean
You smile and say its ok, as they laugh and walk away
I stand here wondering who they have become
Or is it me that has changed
My sensitive nature can never understand
How they can sit and demand with nothing in return
Nothing but heart ache and burn
I have one little soul I can still see her love
When I am down she can rise me above
Make me smile and laugh out loud
And make me remember why I can be proud
No matter what I love them so
And my families I cannot let go
Even if I am treated so bad
And they all can truly make me so sad
At the end of the day she makes me smile
And makes my life living worthwhile!

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