I began as a spider creating a web around you
I spun in circles, hour by hour, minute by minute.
When you approached me, I curled up into a ball, so small
Day by day I continued to weave, trying to capture you here with me,
The strongest material ever discovered expelled from my body
As my web floated and twisted around your troubles and worry,
An attempt to protect you,
Until one day you saw me clearly for who I was
and who I would be.

So swiftly and gently you broke free.

As the web drifted down
The light captured the reflection of my pain and my fear,
creating an illusion of tears from above,
the room crying for the ambiguity of love.
Crinkling up my embarrassment and shame
I burrowed deep within myself, each leg a sentiment
curving around the little life beating within
Until I was so tight and protected,
the façade of death may as well have been the truth
Sleeping gently knowing I am smaller than them all.
You are no one in particular. Many have come and gone.
A faceless object of my affection,

Projecting hopes and dreams onto living things.
Controlled by the whimsical nature of how it all seems.
Putting my value in the one thing that always seems to leave.
With each exit expelled my worthiness
until even being worthless was worth nothing at all.

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