I'm drunk off the sound of your name
I can not breathe when I'm without it
But I can; you're what's suffocating me
But I can't tell because I am blind to you
I would bend and break my life for you
I'll end up six feet in the ground for you
You give me every ounce of pride
You fill me with happiness
You get me so high on your love
In hopes that I forget the hate
That you breathe gently into my mind
As you pull forth my broken soul
From my sunken chest
I am chained to you
You are dragging me along
Choking and breaking and dying
As if I am a stray dog
I only ask for love
I only ask for you
You say I request too much
I don't deserve hope
When my heart breaks in the rain
I don't deserve relief
If I can not fight through my own pain
I am worthless in your mind
But you feed me I love you to my brain
Please leave just go
These words I send through my mind
But I don't mean them
They mean nothing but stay
Because I'm confused because of my gender
I'm just confused because of mental issues
I can not think on my own
You must push thoughts through me
I can only hope to be what you see in her
That you threaten me with
Each time I want to go
You say fine she's better
You'll do better
You'll be fine
Then I am left to beg you
For a reason I am empty of
Because the thought of someone else
Coping with your abuse makes me cry
Because I love you and I hate you
Because I am happiest when I am with you
When your gone I look at myself
This time is different
I realize that I don't need your lies
I can be on my own without your despise
I am the queen of the castle that is myself
And you can not tell me that I need help
Because you are the one that is broken
So I'll be just fine
And you can go be broken with yourself

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