Would I Be Missed?

Your words pierce her, like a bow hitting the target.
Perfect aim hitting the bullseye, it's something she'll never forget.
You take joy with your words, but have never seen her cry.
She does, but never in front of you for she would rather die.
To you her style is long sleeves and jeans and long hair.
There're scars on her wrists and thighs, a curtain shield of hair.
The question on repeat is "If I was gone would I be missed?"
Because for her, right now she feels like she doesn't exist.

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This Poems Story

Hello! I'm the youngest of three, from a Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian background. Writing is a way I like to express my feelings. "Would I Be Missed?" is one of my most emotional poems, that many feel is sad, but true. It's about things that others are going through and is a big part of society today. I just want you, the reader, to understand, if you are going through it also: you're not alone. And I hope this poem will show you that you're worth something and that you're special no matter what others think.