Would You Believe

I see the world through orange colored glasses.
You probably thought I would say rose
but I've had to much pain (my yellow)
and anger (my red) to see a rose
For a long time I lived in a hole
but NO it wasn't filled with Dirt.
I was engulfed in my red and yellow flames.
You know that emotional hurt.
But don't feel sorry for me.
WOULD YOU BELIEVE, the pain came so naturally.
I learned to love it and thought it loved me.
How could we be so in love?
I know you can't understand or see.
But that pain was mine, no one could take it from me.
I had sole custody.
Yea that's it...that pain was my baby. It came from me.
We ate together, we slept together, we even fought together.
We were attached constantly.
But even though I loved it, I also hated it.
The flames were consuming me.
WOULD YOU BELIEVE, one day I met a warrior?
My warrior fought those flames and rescued me.
For years my warrior stayed with me, protecting me.
But then my warrior said,
"I can't just save you, I have to save others.
That's how I stay alive. It can't just be you and me."
So NO...you guessed it, this story doesn't end happily.
I awoke last night with my baby of flames laying right next to me?

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