Would you care?

Have you ever felt invisible?
Well, welcome to my life.
Where I don’t exist, where no one cares.
It’s like my heart bears a knife.

My parents never talk to me,
My older sister worse.
For all they care, I could disappear.
I might as well disperse.

Even when I was young,
They were always at a meeting or convention.
I’ve grown up in this messed up way,
So starved of their love and their attention.

Mom claims she’s busy,
Dad says he’s paying bills.
My sister claims she’s got homework,
Then goes to her phone and spills.

In the morning, I slope off to school,
At least there’s some distraction.
We learn adverbs and algebra,
And the division of a fraction.

I don’t have any friends here,
They all think I’m strange.
They laugh and joke and joke and laugh,
Blissfully unaware.

Half of them don’t realize
How hard it is on your own
When you have no friends, no family that cares.
When you’re actually alone.

I see girls crying over boys,
Makeup tips, and healthy hair.
I see boys crying over girls,
Their problems can’t compare

When I go back home,
I have to cook, clean, then homework.
Mom says she’s too busy,
Dad’s probably still at work.

I know that if I asked for help,
That would go way south.
“Don’t be selfish. I have to work,
That’s what puts food in your mouth.”

I don't remember the last time,
She thought I was enough.
She has seven separate college degrees,
I swear she's completely made of rough.

When dad comes home, he's still working.
It's like he'll never stop.
He eats some food, turns around.
And then into bed he'll hop.

Dad probably couldn't care less,
About the way I feel.
He's a lawyer, and a businessman.
His nerves are made of steel.

He normally brushes me out of the way.
Muttering to people on the phone.
"Not now." He says. "Move along."
There's no kindness that he's shown.

My older sister is the worst,
She never talks to me.
She forgets I'm here, she's always annoyed.
This isn't where I want to be.

I wonder what it's like,
To lead a life without any fear.
To live with purpose, to live with hope,
With a little something to hold dear.

How does it feel, to be loved,
By anyone at all?
Do they protect you when you're scared?
Do they catch you when you fall?

Do people care, when you come home upset,
Do they notice that you’re alone?
Is a family where things like that matter,
Is it where affection and love are shown?

I'm scared of what they're going to say,
Every morning when I wake.
If they'll be mad, if they'll punish me,
If I’ll mess up or make mistakes.

That’s how they all see me,
Quiet, selfish, and withdrawn.
So please, let me ask you something.
Would you care if I was gone?

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