Would you live for me?

Breathless. It's more than suffocation.
It's worst than death.
It's knowing you made it through the night.
I'm so tried of dragging myself through life.
Meeting people who would "die" for me.
Those willing to jump in front of a bullet.
Those who would end their life so mines could go on.
I don't need those people.
I don't want you to kill for me. I got that.
I could kill myself.
I don't need you to die for me. That's too easy.
I need you to wake up everyday and breathe.
I need to stop the tears and remove the darkness.
How can you save me if your not here?
It's easy to die for a person.
To go down in history as a saver and heroic.
But who are you protecting if you're not here?
Find a person you can live for.
A person you can wake up to and deal with.
One you can love and hold every single day.
One you can live and die for and repeat for eternity.
Don't look for someone willing to die for you.
Those who are living for you truly matter.
Would you live for me?

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