Would You Still Love Me?

You think you know me darling, but you don't.
You say you love me but it's just my image you adore.
My Hollywood classical smile remains on my face;
Changing ever so slightly to accommodate this obstacle race.
I know you wear a mask con artist, you made it obvious;
An actor and the entire world is your audience.
But baby did you know I wear a mask too?
I use it to protect myself from people like you.
If I let you in, you could skin me alive.
But that goal is already your power drive.
I must have cracked once or twice in front of you.
You asked me what was wrong but I shook my head no.
You got angry, thought I didn't confide in you.
Well, that's just something I couldn't do.
Well how could I? You're trying to see through me and I'm scared.
No one has done this before; no one knew I was impaired.
But if you figure out I'm not exactly the person I pretend to be.
Would you still be willing to love all of me?

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