Wrap me in your Bones

Wrap me in your bones

There is a small hollow on your chest where your bones meet the beauty of your mind. I often lay my head against the warmth of your wandering pulse, lazily dancing through your beautiful body.

I wonder if I could touch your soul with my lips, if it lives there in the gap between conscious and subconscious.

Can I dance into the sadness that rests upon your skin and break away the pain there. Can the tapping of my shoes mimick the beating of your heart and funnel love into your bones.

I want to crawl into you delicately and make a home inside your body to lap at the sweet breads and lick away the hurt that’s buried amongst the wet warm garden.

Wrap me in your bones so that the strength finds my butterfly heart. Let it pour metal into my veins so that they can hold me to the earth where you are.

So that I can stay here laying in this small hollow, where your bones meet the beauty of your mind.

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