Wrapped and Tucked away

A man stroll by today
He had the most impressionable smile
It's reflection on my face I did not realize until he turned away
Funny thing how one reputable smile can ignite another
His eyes seemed luminous
As though his soul were just beneath the surface
He stood there stouthearted
Not a shift of weight visible in his stance
His voice spirited yet pleasant to my ears
He reached his hand before him to greet me
Callused and worn as they should be, I thought
As his hand touched mine the warmth of his presence shocked my heart
Breathtaking is this estranged feeling raging inside me
His eyes piercing mine into a motionless gaze
Speechless and short of breathe from the shock just received
Suddenly distracted by the sound of ripping and tearing only I could hear
An excited child jerking at the wrappings to see what could be inside
Now exposed is the gift I had neatly wrapped and put away carefully
How could you have found it... how could it be so easy for you to see

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