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Sometimes the answers that you seek are right before your eyes
And the truths that you search for are hidden beneath the lies
Reality is just a dream away; life is what you make it
Live out your own destiny, even if you fake it
Leap without looking, take chances without regret
When you risk it all, it all is what you get
Mind over matter, you can achieve anything
You must move forward to see what the future brings
Don't be discouraged by others or let them bring you down
To see another smile should not make you frown
Positive brings positive, it's the law of attraction
And as karma states:every action has a reaction
Do your best to be yourself and never falter
You have a pure soul, there's nothing to alter
Good things come to those who wait
You've been so patient, so it's bound to be great
Open your heart and let love find you
Don't be afraid to get hurt-as it will only remind you
Of what you want and what you need
Giving the next one a better chance to succeed

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