Writing A Poem


To start, get ready with paper and pen,
Then, change your face to a big wide grin.
Cuz, you're gonna be here for an hour or two,
Having fun with words you never knew.
If it's warm, find a place to sit outside.
But not in the sun, or you might get fried.
Now look all around, what do you see?
It would be a mountain or ships at sea.
Words on your paper should start to appear,
Careful, don't knock over your glass of beer.
Remember, a poem doesn't have to rhyme,
Some poets write words just to fill up a line.
You can write about feelings you recall you've had.
And it doesn't matter if they're good or bad.
Write about the loves who've been in your life,
The ones who left, stayed or added some strife.
A poem comes what you feel in your heart,
And the words will happen right at the start.
So keep writing and thinking your poem to it's end,
And surprise, you'll discover an "internal mend."

Florence Petheram

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