Writing Alone in the Dark

He thought he was on the path to love but got lost along the way
Just a child engulfed in silly games kids like to play
Though tall in stature, he was short with his feelings
What little he showed to the world revealed what he was concealing
It exposed a nature that spoke of regret
For a past of neglect he had not confronted yet
Still, he thought he had all the puzzle pieces put together
Knowing very well his behavior could not last forever
He was rarely happy, unable to be satisfied
He had given love a few chances but had never tried
Yet why should he cry
When he knowingly watched opportunity pass him by
Writing alone in the dark with nothing to say
Hoping he could escape the prison of solitude one day
Scribbling thoughts, not exactly sure where to start
From a fragile mind that was sadly torn apart
There was no humor, but the joke was always on him
Cheap laughter in the shadows of what should have been
While music played softly about lost lovers
Tragic decisions based on the relationship with their mothers
He swore Miles Davis wrote the soundtrack to his life
The melody so soft, yet it cut like a knife
Every horn played, each somber key pushed with delight
As he wrote about all his mistakes that frigid winter night

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