Writing what was on my mind

We have all heard that these are some tough times
especially right now when we all witnessed certain hate crimes.
I think it is important for everyone to understand that not all People of Color have committed crimes
nor need to serve time.
But also that most of the time the man in blue is just trying to do his job.
We all have families to go to at the end of the day.

We can’t go and punish everyone
or else we as a nation are all but done

The point I want you to think about is…
We all have to rely on each other at some point
and stop holding each other at gunpoint.

Like with anything there is a good and a bad
But if we all focus on the bad
we will all become mad.

Then eventually a country and a world that stood as one
will become divided and conquered
By two sides of a coin whom fail to meet in the brim
our future then would be especially grim.

I see the good all the time
I have seen where ends meet
Where people in the hood and cops shoot buckets in the street
for those brief moments we as a species are complete.

The last time this go to a nationwide
Was a time before I was conceived back 18 years and 357 days to date
when we were attacked.
At that moment we stood under one flag and were truly indivisible by any god
in the pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

How many wars need to be fought
How much good will become all but forgot

How many lives will have to be lost to the other side
To truly see each other’s side

For it takes 2 not 1 mirrors to see our reflection that is true
We all bleed red and bruise black and blue

And with that I will stop
and step back and let your thoughts and actions reflect the true you
While I will hope for the best for the country who flies red, white, and blue
May you ever fly true

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