Written Feelings

You lay there watching those stars twinkle in the night sky.
Wondering how everything keeps going by, by, bye.
Slowly, painfully the darkness takes over.
Making you think this is gonna be just like red rover.
You run and run as fast as you can.
Trying to break through the pain that binds you, but never can.
You’re trapped in a box where the walls grow closer.
Climbing ten thousand feet in the sky and white as the wings that’ll make you fly.
The constant pain and torture is not the uncomfort of the things that surround you.
But the sorrow of having to be alone, fighting with the horrible thoughts of your own fucking mind!
Where nothing you say or do will help to remind…
That “It sucks to be lonely, but it’s not worth the pain.”
Because adding more pain from your surroundings, simply feeds the sadistic thoughts running through your head.
And it makes you slowly but surely feel like you’re worthless and dead!
It’s an ongoing struggle, a war in your head
The heart wants things one way but the mind pulls instead.
So you lay there in bed.
Remembering what your mother once had said…
But it can’t come to mind.
You are too fucking blind.
By that last paradise.
And you can’t be precise….
Will your future be suffice?!?!?!
Then it hits you, like a steel wrecking ball.
Your white walls that reached the sky begin to fall.
And you lay there in awe…….
That it all went away.
Just by writing what you say.

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