Wrong Love

Thinking about you makes me sick
And I love every part of it
I guess I'm addicted to the chase
But I can never keep up with your pace
Every time I almost catch you
You come up with something new
You have me wrapped around your finger
But I always think I'm the winner
Until you take another turn
Because you know I'll never learn
I'm addicted to you and it won't end
This tearing heart will never mend
And you tear a little more every time
Because you make me think you are mine
I try to play your game back
But winning your love is what I lack
So I'll take the loss every game
As long as there's still light in the flame
Even when it turns blue and starts to die
I could never say goodbye
So keep me wrapped tightly like you do
Even when I start to turn blue
At least I'll die knowing I put up a fight
Fighting for your love, even if it wasn't right

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